Diamond Broker

With unmatchable beauty and brilliance, diamonds are the consummate object of desire for virtually every woman. More importantly, a diamond symbolizes commitment and enduring love. When it comes to making a momentous occasion even more special, nothing compares.

In order to recognize and fully appreciate the inherent beauty of a diamond, you first need to compare and evaluate diamonds side by side with your jeweler. We do this in a relaxed atmosphere, spending time with you and educating you in the process. Choosing your own diamond should be a pleasant experience and one to be remembered. You can trust our experience and ability to locate a selection of diamonds that offer the ultimate combination of the "5 C's" for you.

All diamonds will be sold below published wholesale price. We uphold high standards of quality, and only show well-cut diamonds. We also offer a lifetime upgrade policy on all the diamonds we sell when exchanged in their original condition. For example, if you purchase a 1.00 carat diamond engagement ring and want to upgrade on your 10 year wedding anniversary, we will credit the full amount you paid for the 1.00 carat towards the purchase of a larger diamond. Similarly, you can upgrade diamonds set in stud earrings as well.

Come in for a free consultation, and Rich will gladly tell you everything you ever wanted to know about diamonds (and then some). The 5 C’s of Diamond classification are a good place to start.