Jewelry Repair

We have an expert manufacturer on site with over 25 years of experience. Robert is an extremely talented goldsmith who can do just about anything. He can tighten a loose stone, create a new custom wedding ring from scratch, and almost everything in between.

Some common repairs include soldering broken chains, sizing rings to fit, and setting gemstones in a new setting. We provide an estimate for repair work and will get your approval prior to any work being completed. We are happy to help with all your jewelry repair needs, big or small.

Care & Maintenance

Come in anytime for a complimentary jewelry inspection and cleaning. We will check for loose gemstones and durability, and we will clean your jewelry while you wait. When properly maintained you need never worry about wearing your cherished pieces.

Jewelry worn regularly, like wedding rings, should be routinely checked every 6 months. The prongs and channels holding your diamonds and gemstones in place can wear over time. Similarly, the clasps securing your chains, bracelets and necklaces should be checked to make sure they are functioning properly.

At home, clean your jewelry using a solution of mild, non-abrasive liquid dish soap diluted in water. Clean the area behind diamonds and gemstones with a soft bristle toothbrush before and after soaking for ten minutes. Ultrasonic cleaners can be purchased to clean jewelry efficiently at home as well. However, do not put jewelry with fragile stones like tanzanite, emerald, opal, or pearls into an ultrasonic cleaner.

Pearls should also be soaked in mild detergent and water solution. Then, rinse the strand with warm water and pat dry. Allow the pearls 24 - 48 hours to completely dry the string holding the strand together. Pearls should never be wiped or come in contact with harsh cleansers or abrasives. Body oils, lotions, perfumes, and hairspray can all damage pearls over time causing them to turn yellowish in color. Cleaning your pearls every 6 months to 1 year helps to keep them looking beautiful for a long time.